Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and His only son Jesus Christ.

Christ the Life Lutheran Church is a family oriented congregation dedicated to maintaining the fundamental biblical truths as they are expressed within our confessions recorded in the Book of Concord.  We believe that it is  only through our Lord's divine guidance that we can find the true peace and fulfillment that most of us are seeking. 

Living in today's world filled with stress and constant demands on our time and energy can be overwhelming, we often find ourselves lost in the puzzle maze struggling to discover an oasis of quiet solitude where we can at last find some respite from our busy schedules.  For many of us, the solution to this dilemma can be found only beside the quiet still waters of the 23 Psalm, where we can at last place all of our burdens into the loving  hands of our Lord Jesus Christ and let Him render our beleaguered soul to rest.  Bishop Handley Moule once said; “There is no situation so chaotic that God cannot from that situation create something that is surpassingly good.  He did it at the creation.  He did it at the cross.  He is doing it today”.  Please join us in worship and let the peace of God calm your heart.
( Bishop Handley Moule – Bishop of Durham – [1841 – 1920] )

3412 Sierra Road
San Jose, CA 95132
Phone: 1-408-259-1670
Sunday Worship Schedule

        Sunday School          09:00 am
        Liturgical Worship    10:00 am
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Christ says that not alone in the Church is there forgiveness of sins, but that where two or three are gathered together in His name they shall have the right to promise to each other comfort and the forgiveness of sins. 
Martin Luther

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